People Assessment:

People get/produce results.

Often, they fall short of achieving their results. In our understanding, the following reasons could be factors affecting “below expectation” performance:

  • The way the goals/expectations are written
  • Competency finder
  • Match between Person and Role
  • Manager’s ability to get the best result

Learning & Development:

People capability has been a contributing factor for People performance.

We work on the following areas that can enhance performance post intervention:

  • Based on People Assessment, identify the most suitable learning intervention
  • Coach the People through the learning process
  • Review the impact of learning impact
  • Behaviour Change
  • Design & Conduct training programmes

Team Intervention:

People work with other people.

In our working experience one the reason for performance of the team losing the target is the dysfunctional behaviour of the team members and the way they communicate. Our team working programmes help team members:

  • Get out of Silos and work together
  • Appreciate each other
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Business/Functional Systems & Processes:

Systems & Processes are the hardware of any organisation, while People are the its software.

People working in an effective system produce a better performance of the department and organisation. Our expertise help organisation diagnoses, develop and implement systems and processes at micro and macro level.

Management Practices:

When organisation wants to move a new or next level, the existing system & practices is not enough. If the organisation is looking at going beyond its exiting level, we can have ability to recommend the benchmarking of practices.

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Marketing & Market Share:

Organisation’s products & services look for the positioning in customers’ mind.

Gaining insights into customers’ mind and wants & needs can be a challenge. We assist the marketing efforts through a range of services to build a brand.

Sales & Distribution:

Actual battle for revenue is in the market.

How is the sales team and function geared to deal with the everyday challenges of customer is key to?

  • Salespeople capability
  • Distribution
  • Sales process

Customer Experience:

Customer is the King.

A sustained revenue growth and retention is enhanced by experience the organisation gives after Sales. We believe a balance between Sales & Customer Experience is the key to the growth & retention. Our team has the experience of working on real life customer experience programmes that have increase customer satisfaction and retention.

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Cost Optimisation:

Profitability is a result of revenue and expenses.

Identifying key leakages and variance is the key to looking at profitable. Our team has practical experience at not just looking at the balance sheet or the P&L statement, but also the entire operation and day to day activities.

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Manufacturing Efficiency:

Sales brings in revenues to the company, but manufacturing is an income earner.

In our experience, following elements in manufacturing brings in efficiency:

  1. Consumption patterns in energy, steam, water & chemical
  2. Improvement in yield,
  3. Rationalising people count,
  4. Extent of wastage

Supply Chain & Logistics:

Supply Chain & Logistics is the link that connects the production to customer.

Right from the procurement process to the final creation of the product. We start with the following questions:

  • Is one evaluating various purchase options periodically, be it monthly contract or quarterly contract or half yearly contract or full year contract?
  • Are all the vendors on credit or advance? This has its own implication on working capital.
  • Is one regularly monitoring excess and shortage of raw materials/packing material on a periodic basis?
  • Is one ensuring proper count of raw/packing material at the time of unloading?
  • Is there pilferage?
  • Is there a system where one does stock taking periodically?

Logistics is concerned with other set of questions:

  • Is one using multiple options of transporting material from the factory/depot to ensure cost efficiency?
  • Is one ensuring 100% capacity utilisation of vehicles or is it under loaded?
  • Is there a proper contract to ensure that any damages in transit is on account of the logistics supplier?
  • Is one exploring alternative transportation options like railway rakes, 10 tonner truck, 20 tonner truck.
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Survey & Audit:

For rejuvenating an organisation, a feedback system is an effective mechanism.

Management team over a period time need to get information on their strategy, interventions and people. We have developed surveys & questionnaire that gauge the perception, satisfaction, engagement of not only the internal stakeholders but also external. Reviewing the effectiveness of the systems and processes through audits help enhance the same.

  • Market Intelligence
  • Customer Engagement
  • People Engagement
  • Compensation
  • Reward & Recognition

Due Diligence & Integration:

Any Merger & Acquisition starts with the due diligence of the merging or acquired company. Our team can assist your team in researching the target company. This will be done at highest confidentiality.

Most mergers and acquisition fail as a result of poor integration programme. We can come in to lead the process of integration.

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Organisation Design & Structure:

The way organisation is organised internally effects the day to day work.

The areas that intervention may be required are:

  • Role clarity
  • Reporting relationship
  • Structure and the industry type
  • Succession plan

Change Management:

Change is the only constant. Organisation that do not change die or move out.

Putting a change process is a challenge. An effective change management programme goes through the process of design, communication, implementation and feedback. We can help in the part or entire process.

Our team have managed change with effective results in the organisation that they have worked in. Few examples of culture shift we were involved in:

  • from being a “Hire & Fire company” to “Preferred company”
  • from “family led” to “professional led” management
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