Project Description

A chartered accountant qualified GM asked HR what is the return on the investment (ROI) for the money spent on HR activities? HR answer was you will see a perception change in employee’s satisfaction.

The company started operations in mid 90s. Over the initial 4 years, they had expat GM. The multinational HQ felt that they need to get a local GM who understand the market and is financially qualified. The new GM built a management team and started building functional competency of processes and systems.

Putting people first is always a good idea…

What were the challenges?

  • In the initially 4 years the company was perceived in the market as a “Hire & Fire” company. This meant prospective candidates were reluctant to see the company as a future employer.
  • In their 1st employee satisfaction survey the satisfaction scores were in mid 50s.
  • The competency level of employees was below expectation as the same was reflected in the business performance.
  • There was limited financial resources to initiate training & development programmes

What happened next?

  • Based on Employee Satisfaction Survey an action plan was prepared to address top 5 issues in HO, region and branches. Theses were monitored on a periodic basis.
  • Managers KPIs included in their performance assessment & incentive scheme.
  • HR were trained to conduct the scheduled training programmes as the financial resources were limited.
  • A new Performance system was introduced based on performance objectives.
  • Recognition schemes were introduced, and incentive schemes were revised

What was the result?

The company attained the UK based Investors in People (IiP) accreditation. The next year Employee Satisfaction Survey saw 7% jump in perception that “I believe that the company cares about my development”. The overall satisfaction scores moved up in 60s.